HEIGHT WEIGHT SCALE WITH BMI (MODEL : BYH01) Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

    Technical Specification
    • Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system
    • Built in 8mm tempered safety glass.
    • Capacity : 3 kg - 200 kg ( scale in the state , it can be 0.3kg-200kg)
    • Division of weight : 50g
    • Height measuring range : 0.80-1.95 meter (back light)
    • Height measuring function
    • Body fat measuring and analyzing function
    • Voice function
    • Single set of data recording/checking function
    • Automatic on - step, continuous weighing
    • Auto-zero
    • Low battery/over load indicator

    • Power by 4*AAA alkaline batteries or 6V-15V DC power supply, Before using , please using open the battery cover to fix battery or plug in DC power

    • Put the scale on a hard and flat surface (avoid to use on carpet or other soft surface, otherwise, it will influence the accuracy
    • Can be directly measuring when in normal using.
    • Please stand on a scale smoothly, keep body balance. After stand firm, it will display weight and then speak out your weight. Wait a moment, it will display height and then speak out you height.
    • Every time measuring , 10 seconds after displaying height, it will return to zero, and then after 8 seconds , the scale will turn off automatically.